Anand Pandey

Associate Professor

Mechanical Engineering

Manipal University Jaipur




Dr. Anand Pandey Joined Manipal University Jaipur as a faculty member on 5th July 2013, to  involve  to learn skills which can be useful for his professional growth and be able to transform it into real applications through his classroom/laboratory for his students. He had involved himself in writing books, edited book chapters, guiding the scholars for experimental analysis on advanced materials in the area of advanced machining processes (EDM,LBM),reviewer of Journals/Conferences, Mentor and Teacher Guardian of engineering students, Anti Ragging Committee, responsibilities assigned in Admission Counselling and Convocations held in the University.
    In addition, conduction of events viz. conferences, workshops, FDP’s and skill based training for graduate and post graduate scholars. 2 PhD scholars are guided completely and have been awarded Doctoral degree in 2018 and 2019.

    Rural developments projects which are essential need for society are also in process in support for his faculty collogues and students on pilot experimental mode viz. water purification using Ayurveda herbal seeds. 2 patents have been filed in March 2019 in the area of water purification using herbal –Moringa Olerfira as MUJ applicant.Through my professional career of more than 13 years in teaching, I have tried to involve myself to work in research environment where group of people work integrally for some innovate works.

    In last 3 years he had taking care the responsibility of NAAC related works, outcome based education-PO and CO attainment of the program, course file-preparation, admission related activities for Mech Engineering till date, RCC member nominated from MUJ  for ISRO-MNIT project, nucleus member in Directorate of Research with taking care of IPR Activities in MUJ.2 Skill based training for societal ITI students were conducted as an external funding from DST Rajasthan to Technology Demonstration and Training Centre in 2018 at MUJ.

    Since July 2016 to till date he is taking special training on the Synergic Manipal Integrated Learning (SMILE) where in the first phase as a project he had conducted a workshop on training of piloting teaching learning, where more than 30 faculty members have registered and special lectures were conducted on teaching and research improvements in the University using internal experts from MUJ.

    In last 5 years 2 edited books have been published as Editor, published by CRC Press, Taylor and Francis Publishing House and ANE Books Pvt Ltd, New Delhi.  2 books are in process for writing contract signed with IGI Global Publishing House USA and De-Greuter Publishing House Germany.He had keen interest to develop a Skill based training –Centre of Excellence for Rural Development, where large community of rural people’s from villages can learn the skills to start their own small and medium scale industries, which can be fruitful  to develop Indian economy and good life in Asia.




Area of Interests

  • Machining of Nano Metallic Composites and Super alloys

  • Conventional Machining processes

  • Non -Conventional Machining Processes, EDM, Rotary EDM Tool Developments

  • Teaching & Learning; Outcome based Education Cryogenic EDM

  • Water Purification Methods, Skill based Learning & Teaching of Machining Processes

  • Rural Development