Ooi Kim Tiow


Nanyang Technological University




      Dr. Ooi Kim Tiow is currently a Prof of School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.   

    He has more than 100 international refereed journal and conference publications.  He also has numerous inventions in his name, which aimed at improving the energy efficiency and performance of the positive displacement rotary compressors.   Dr. Ooi has won several international awards for his work, the most notable of which was the Silver Prize for his Revolving Vane Compressor at the World’s Best Technology Showcase in the USA in 2009 for its energy and cost-saving potential.   

    His research is in the area of cooling and heating, in particular positive displacement rotary compressors. Dr. Ooi’s expertise in compressor research and design has been tapped widely by the industry locally and internationally.